Songtext Hula

‚Au Ma Ka Hula’ana

‚Au ma ka hula’ana

Kaiko’o ka pali

Piha ‚o ‚ele’ele

Ke kai o Maka’ukiu

‚O Maka’ukiu, ‚o Maka’ukiu

‚A’ole au e hopo I ka loa Honokane

I kane ho’i ‚olua, I wahine ho’i au

‚O Maka’ukiu, ‚o Maka’ukiu

No Kapolipeleihi’laikeaka


Passage between obstacles requires

a rebirth through salt water

Where the waves dash against

At the base of cliffs resound

Where floating debris hides an ocean

pierced with black esoteric life

At the sea where hidden inherited

fears must be slaughtered

Present yourself, Maka’ukiu! (Maka’ukiu = the sharp)

I am not surprised in the manner in

which males reach their shore

For you two conduct yourselves analytically,

I rely on my intuition

Honoring The-brest-bringing-succor-to-the-essence-of-life